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Get inspired by some of the best sustainable festivals in Belgium

Belgium is known as a land of festivals. Attracting hundreds of thousands of people, it is an ideal place to inspire and inform people about their impacts & how festivals can and are reducing it.
We know the environmental impact of festivals is enormous, the sustainable topic must be taken into consideration. However, some of them have shown that entertainment and sustainability can be compatible.
At The Sustainable Effect we believe in the lead by example.

Have a look at some of the best green festivals in Belgium:

1. Ieper Hardcore Fest


This independent 3-day Hardcore festival has been focusing since its creation in 1992 on reducing their environmental footprint. It has been awarded for their engagement more than once. Among their awards, the Flemish OVAM ‘Green Event award’ won 4 times and the ‘Green Operations’ from the European Festival Awards.

On their Green Policy, you will find different initiatives such as reusable cups and plates, dry toilets, local and organic beers, biodegradable soap and washing-up liquids, solar panels charger,…
One of our favorite initiatives is their 100% Vegan Food catering served in reusable plates.

An excellent source of inspiration where you can find various initiatives and Belgium suppliers.

2. Paradise City

“Respect the nature, respect the castle“

Taking place in the lovely Ribaucourt castle domain in Perk, this electronic music festival has trust that they can influence change and inspire their visitors to live more sustainably.

Their 10 steps process has led them to be elected as one of the six greenest festivals in the world by A Greener Festival.

We love their collaboration with ECOZ® Mobile, whose system mimics natural water purification processes using plants, to clean the greywater on site.

Read More about Paradise City festival Green initiative HERE


3. La SEMO

La SEMO is known as a family-friendly multidisciplinary festival characterised by its open-mindedness, the diversity of its audience, and its avant-garde role in terms of sustainable development.

LaSEMO has won in 2017, the price “Hainaut horizons” by the Fondation pour les Générations Futures and it is the first festival to obtain the label “clef verte”.

We love their unique complete second hand and sustainable decoration.

Read more about their project HERE

Lucie Wehbe