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The Sustainable Effect

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4 best practices for more sustainable online meetings

Your new colleague (aka your screen) is certainly doing the environment a favor by not traveling or eating red meat, but the reality is that the growing online activity requires always more energy. Granted, one meeting is not going to make the difference, but thousands and millions will. If you want to help make a difference, here are some tips to minimise the environmental impact and promote inclusivity of your online meetings.



Diversity of speakers, Include subtitles functions

Prefer dark backgrounds for your presentations to limit energy consumption

Simple and contrasted slides

Choose the right provider. You can compare the environmental performance of your videoconference provider. Greenspector provides very useful information


Keep video streaming for presenter rather than the whole audience

Ask participants to close other windows on their computer/device



Limit the number of emails you send to participants to prepare the meeting

Tell participants about your efforts to limit the environmental impacts of your virtual event and offer some tips on energy saving



Prefer Wifi to 4G, it is less energy-intensive.

Set your video conference app with optimised data resolution or ask your provider which options they can propose

For tailor-made sophisticated virtual events, ask your supplier about their environmental credentials.


Mélanie is focussing on SDG 7