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The Sustainable Effect

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4 tips to get started with sustainability

It looks like the beginning of 2021 is going to be very similar to the end of 2020, especially in the business tourism and cultural industries. The good news is there’s always a silver lining so if you are looking for some inspiration and motivation, why not use that time to step-up your sustainability game? If you are unsure where to start, we share here some easy steps to create some momentum and engage your teams on a project with purpose.

Make the most of quieter times to build back better and be “sustainability ready” when business picks-up.

Get an overview of existing sustainability initiatives

Make a list of the social and environmental initiatives of your department or organisation. It is a great way to start formalising what’s already in place, it will also give you a better sense of the current sustainability practices. You may find there is much more going on than you think.

Collaborate and brainstorm

Team work can be difficult in these times of home office but you’ll find it pretty easy to embark people on sustainability topics. Most of them will be on board as soon as you pronounce the S word! Engagement behind a project with purpose will definitely reinforce the team spirit and make your business more performant.
Explain your project and objectives, create some momentum and don’t be afraid of crazy ideas, it will always be time to scale it down when doing the reality check. Don’t forget to include other stakeholders in the process, clients, suppliers, students, etc…

Explore sustainability best practice

What are the sustainability savvy players in your industry doing? Can you find information about sustainability practices on industry association’s websites that can inspire you? Governmental organisations also publish very valuable information and practical tools like sustainability guides. Check out the sustainable events charter from Brussels Environment.

Learn and expand your sustainability knowledge

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals website is a good place to start; the 17 goals encompass all the challenges citizens, private organisations and public sector need to address by 2030 and beyond. Sustainability is a very wide topic, so depending on what you are looking to learn, you can use your employee training programme scheme, or follow a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).


Now is a good time to sharpen sustainability awareness, engage people you work with and showcase leadership on a topic that can no longer be ignored. It’s about reinforcing purpose, strengthening relationships, and coming out of this COVID crisis as a stronger business.

This article was written by Mélanie Delaplanche