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the request Convinced that they needed to push their sustainability initiatives to the next level, this small events agency based in Paris had a strong desire to formalise and improve the sustainable approach they’ve always had. the response & value add Led by a highly motivated internal resource, one of our consultants provided guidance to elevate the agency’s sustainability game and service offering

Destinations Benchmark Client : Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) the request Member of the Global Destinations Sustainability (GDS) Movement, our client was looking for qualitative information to improve their performance on the GDS-Index. They wanted to get inspiration to plan their sustainable strategy for the next coming years. the response & value add We delivered a detailed and insightful benchmark analysis of the sustainability strategy trends

Leadership group Client: Antwerp Management School Commitment to leadership by its signatory companies for the creation of workplaces that value good employees and support good societies. This project focused on highlighting that good workplace practices are a demonstrable responsibility not only during times of stability and prosperity but also - and likely even more so- during times of crisis and recovery, such as the

the request An international financial institution decided to build a comprehensive ISO 20121 management system across three regions (Americas - EMEA - APAC) for their events departments. Already ISO 14001 certified for in-house organised events, the new management system was to be integrated in a user friendly way for the event management teams across the world. the response & value add Understanding the